A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Welcome to the war compadre!

We need your help here in the struggle for control. Man up cause we don't take losing lightly. Our fate is in your hands. The only real way to power? Yep, get control of the kids. So grab your water gun and head to the battlefield, it's time to fight. We are the Neighborhood Guardians.

Hey from PigChop Gaming!

It has begun! World of Water is now available for Mac OS X and Windows!


(Minimum based on lowest tested computer: 1.8Ghz Dual CPU,Integrated Graphics, 4GB Ram, which ran at 30 FPS on lowest graphics and lowest resolution. If you get lower specs working please post below)

Minimum- 2Ghz Dual Core CPU, Integrated Graphics, 4GB Ram

(Recommended based on moderately tested computer which ran at 30-40 FPS on Very High graphics on 5k resolution, and 100-120 FPS on Very High graphics on 1080p)

Recommended- 3.2Ghz Quad Core CPU, 2 GB dedicated GPU, 8GB Ram

Disclaimer: PigChop Gaming and none of it's members or providers will ever ask for your World of Water account & password or your itch.io account & password. If anyone says they are from PigChop Gaming and need your information please post a complaint in the discussion forums below with all information and an image of them asking. Thank you.

Install instructions

Thank you for supporting World of Water in Open Beta! Please make sure you are downloading for your correct OS, then follow below:

If using itch.io app: Just download for your OS and launch!

If not using itch.io app: Extract the files at your desired location using WinZip or 7Zip or any other unzipping application. Make sure to keep the Data folder next to the EXE application or it will not run! 

And lastly, have fun!


World Of Water (Win).zip 610 MB
World Of Water.zip 614 MB

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